As far as I can See

As far as I can See

Litografi på resirkulert plast

10 trykk à 180 × 150 cm

2018 - 2020

As far as I can See, is a site-specific work commissioned for the research vessel REV Ocean. Consisting of lithography printed on recycled plastic, the material is an essential part of the work. On both sides of a corridor, five customized niches, the height of the room and lit from behind, will accommodate the prints. Each niche will contain two prints - one in front of the other. The recycled plastic is only semi-transparent, so the layer behind will be less visible than the layer in front. Walking through the corridor, for a moment, you will pass through the work.

In this work, I use the translucent qualities of the material to ask what is visible. To me, visibility is closely related to the concept of empathy - an essential ability when forming relations between people, but also when having to acknowledge the environmental challenges facing the ocean. Abstracted and enlarged, the drawings are based on dendrites, the extensions of neurons responsible for communication with other neurons. Which neurons connect, influences our ability to empathize and thereby determines how far beyond ourselves, we are able to see.

© Line Prip

Fra utstillingen "As far as my Eyes can Sea" på Bomuldsfabriken 2021. Trykkene er en del av et bestillingsverk til REV Ocean.

Rammen er ikke en del av verket. På båten monteres trykkene i opplyste nisjer.

Med på bildet er Cathrine Alice Liberg. I tillegg ses Bård Breiviks verk Dyret fra 1992.