Field of Possibilities

Field of Possibilities


24 m²


© Line Prip

Imprinted in the body of each individual is a language we carry with us. A silent language that we have never heard spoken. We use it to communicate with those who surround us. It is a language that exists prior to words, a language that goes beyond words. The language of the body is one of appearance, gesture, identity, and context.

Field of Possibilities consists of a room filled with smoke. The room is illuminated but, due to the smoke, visibility is reduced. Smoke is an ephemeral material. Sometimes it is motionless. Sometimes it oscillates.

It is never transparent, mostly translucent, sometimes opaque. It only indicates the presence of bodies and conditions, without revealing them. This is a work that is experienced through the senses, through palpable bodily awareness, through physical presence. It is a work in which you may find yourself lost, find yourself reflected.

My fascination with how we relate to the world around us and to other people is at the core of my practice. The body is our primary contact with the external world and any meeting with what surrounds us holds a multiplicity of interesting mechanisms.